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Homemade Vitamin C Serum

Homemade Vitamin C SerumEach one of us is beautiful , but we all have our own kind of beauty, we know that fair complexion is a sign of beauty, but we have seen girls killing themselves to get some tan and I have seen words the most beautiful and the most attractive woman in south Africa with shiny smooth black skin and magical eyes and hair, so we all beautiful  and we just need to look after what we have and we will never get under pressure of someone else look, so today I am going to tell you the best skin serum possible.
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What is skin serum? Well! If this is something new for you then you can take it as a skin tonic, but stronger and more powerful and efface like a magic potion, there are so many serums in the market that you can pick and use for better skin , you can get vitamins, minerals, in these serums and you can get serums for fair skin, for young looking skin and you can pick one that can treat your skin scars and pimples and the one I am going to talk about is Vitamin C serum and you can use for new glow in your skin and for beaching effect and at the same time it will give your skin a new life and new glow and it will solve your scars issues too, Vitamin C is an excellent anti- oxidant it help with production of collagen and damage caused by the harmful UV rays too.

Let’s make our very own Vitamin C serum and that is the list of things that we need.Pure vitamin c powder 1/4 tsp, Distilled water or rose water 2 tsp, Glycerin. 1 tsp, Vitamin E gel capsule 1 capsule and one glass bottle that you can use to mix these things so it suppose to be clean and air tight cause we cannot take the risk with that.

Now dissolve the Vitamin C powder in the distilled water completely and if you are planning to use the Vitamin C tablets then just drop the two tablets into the bottle and add distilled water in it and wait till you see all the tabled has dissolved perfectly, now add the glycerin and then add Vitamin E gel capsule in it, but make sure you have punctured it and you just pour gel in it now you can use it in nights an store it in cool and dark place

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