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Homemade Scrub For Hands & Feet

Homemade Scrub For Hands & FeetNormally when we spend hours in our looks, we spend mostly time of our face and then we try to get best body and hair, we rarely make some efforts for our feet and hands which is a very horrible routine so here are some simple method to get perfect feet and hand and after that we will share some recipes for home made scrub for your feet and hands.Homemade Scrub For Hands & Feet1

First of all you need to apply some thick layer over your feet and hands and lay down for 20 minutes and after that start massaging your feet and keep massaging till you feel that petroleum jelly is getting absorbed now just rub the remaining jelly with cotton towel, you can get those towels too that are available in the market for manicure and pedicure.Homemade Scrub For Hands & Feet2

Now dip your feet in worm water and add muster oil in it and if you feel that you are getting tired then you can add some salt too and then add some dry hair shampoo in it and soak your feet for 20 minutes and then use brush to clean your nails and feet and after that use lava stone or pumice stone to clean your heels and feet, if you are doing that every week then you don’t need to do anything else, you just wash your feet and apply some feet lotion, but twice a month you need to use some special scrub for your feet and here are some simple tips for home made scrubs.Homemade Scrub For Hands & Feet3 Homemade Scrub For Hands & Feet4

Make a mixture with a half a cup of sugar, 3 table spoons of olive oil, and 3 table spoons of water and use this to get smooth skin, you need to keep massaging till you feel even a single sugar lump.

You can make another best feet and hand scrub with Oatmeal and eggs just make a thick past and after that apply that over your hands and feet and let it get dry and after that scrub it off with wet hands.

You can try to make a thick past with olive oil and some sea salt and massage  your  hands and feet with it, it will give you smooth shiny hands and if you have any kind of scars over your hands then you can add some lime in this mixture too.

Enjoy beautiful hands and feet.

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