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Homemade Fairness Cream

If you are getting tired of paying money on fairness treatment and spay facial treatments then here are some great tips to make your own fairness cream for fair skin and it is completely safe for use. If you want to make a herbal way of getting flawless shiny beautiful skin that appears fair naturally even without make up then here is recipe for you.

You need Wheat flour, Turmeric powder, Dry and crushed orange skin, Sandal powder, Sugar candy, Kojic acid cream, Mustard oil for this cream.

Homemade Fairness Cream Now you need to take a bowl and add wheat flour, turmeric powder, orange skin, sandal powder, sugar candy, kojic acid cream in it and mix it well and smoothly and make a smooth past with the help of mustard oil and keep it in refrigerated and apply twice a day on face and massage clockwise and anti-clockwise for 20 minute and keep it on for one hour.

Then wash it off with regular water and this will not only make you feel soft and smooth, but it will make your skin feel fair and glowing and it is very good for blackheads, moles and white heads, and dry and damaged skin and at the same time it is very good for sun tan and sun damages  too.

Here are some simple home remedies for flawless fair skin.

Mix honey, lemon juice, milk powder  and almond oil and make  a fine and thick past with that and then apply it over your skin and leave it for 15 minutes before you wash it off and if you have black heads then you can scrub too.

Yogurt is great for fair skin and mixes it with tomato juice and oatmeal and applies it over your face for twenty minutes and when you feel that yogurt is getting dry then scrub it off. Take a bowl and mix one potato, fresh milk and rice flour and mix it till you see it is becoming a smooth past and then apply the mask on face and body for about 20 minutes and wipe it off with a cloth that has been soaked in cold water.

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