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Homemade Facial Lotions

If you want to make your own home facial cream you can make it your own at home. Because you have to know that the homemade creams and lotion are safe for your skin and give it you proper result.Our skin is very sensitive and very it required lots of care and proper need to take care the skin.

You have to know the things that your skin is so soft and you have to take care of it from dust and sunlight also. You use the herbal, medical product for the face skin use. So you have to make the cream or lotion according to you skin type.

To made the home creams and lotion you need to know about your skin type. Wheather it is combination skin, is it dry or oily. Fist you need to know it and then make lotion for your face . But here we are telling you about the normal skin that most of the type skin you can use this lotion. So hope it will helpful for you.

You need to purchase some ingredients that we are going to mention these products. But first you have to know that if you have the allergy from any thing you can cut or no need to use it then you are safe and ready to make the lotion or masks according to your skin type.

So note the ingredients for Making Face Creams.firstly you need one cup of grape seed oil, Then one forth virgin coconut oil, One teaspoon Lanolin, One and a Half grated bee wax, One an a half Allover Juice, Vitamin E almost 10,000 to 150,000 IU, two drops of the oil of your Choice, One lotion jar. So these are the ingredients. Hope you will note and use it.

Now you follow the process to make the facial cream. When you are going to start this process, make sure that every product is complete and room temperature suit on the products and it will not so hot and so cold as well.

Then you need to mix the grape seed oil, coconut oil, lanolin and bee wax and put them together in a pan with the double boiler and make it warm until the mixture of all the things become melted. But always take care that you have to heat the things in allow flame. It become melted slowly slowly.

When it become melted the pour it from pan to glass and wait till it become cold. Now add some distilled water, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and essential lotion. Mix it with one an other with the complete way. And the mix all that ingredients in a fastest speed, because if you will leave it for one second then you will make your all mixture ruined. And add the one drop of oil in the mixture. You will see that it will started thicker and it will get slow in speed.
It will come in the shape of cream after some time. Then put it in the jar and then save it in the cold place. You can use it for a long time as well as you want. You will see the 100% result and you will fell satisfaction and happiness.

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