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Home Remedies For Child’s Cold

Home Remedies For Child's ColdWe all know that bad cold is a horrible situation for kids and they not only lose the play routine, but they lose the peaceful bright too. I know many of parents who spend thousands on these flues and cough infections, but as I heard from my old wives, the best treatment of these infections and best treatment for any miner issues related to kid’s health is home remedies. if you think that your kid is getting some kind of infection, belly ache, flue, constipation or motion, the best way to treat the is home remedies.

No matter what is the age of your kid and what kind of cough, cold, or flu, he is dealing with, you can try these gentle, effective, and safe home remedies, But you need to understand one thing, once you get the germ and various it will take some time to go usually ten days or a bit more, so try some mild things and be patient with the results.

The first thing I am going to share with is best if your kid is coughing and feel shortness of breath and at the same time he is getting hard mucus too, for that you need to cook one cup of water in a Iron pan and if you don’t have an iron pan then use bread pan and add these spices in it, (Thymol seed, one pinch- Green cardamom, one- Black cardamom, one- Black cardamom, one- Cinnamon one small stick-and Mace and boil them with cover for 10 minutes and add one table spoon of honey in it when you serving it and use it when it is a bit worm and make him worm and provide lots of rest and he will ne fine very soon.

For providing some relief from congestion make him drink lots of fluid, water, soup and if he is not too young then he even can drink some orange juice too and after that just drink a sip of water and he will be just fine.

Steamy is the answer of all questions, if he is getting conjunction, shortness of breath, block nose and pain while he take breath then prepare a room with full of heating and steam, if he is not ready to take nebulizer then a washroom will work absolutely fine, turn on all the tab of hot water and turn your heater on maximum for half an hour and sit with him in this room and when he will inhale this moisturized steamy, that will not only help his nose, but actually he will get some relaxed breath too and if vomits a bit after that then don’t take it seriously.

If you think that he is good with steam then you can add a teaspoon of menthol in it too and if you think that he is getting better then very good, but if you think that he is not getting any better at all then visit your doctor too.

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