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Home Made Natural Hair

Hairs of course are most important for gorgeous personality looks. Every one wants to have hairs with soft, shiny touch. In order to achieve this soft and flirty touch we have no need to go to large saloons and spend enough money to the professionals to get the hairs of   smooth, softy touch with thick growth. Hair loss is the very irritating and painful issue if some one suffers from it will know how much have to bear. Here are some tips for getting the hair dressing in home.

  • As we know that our hairs are made up of proteins and the first thing to be used for nourishing your hair are the proteins used inside to out side. Proper massaging of hairs with warm olive oil or coconut oil before washing will give the hairs a new life.
  • Avoid any vigorous method of drying your hairs, treat them gently, frequent blow dry makes their roots more and weaker and then finally there will be the fall of hair.
  • Apple cider vinegar is also helpful in maintaining the PH level of hair. Usually the growth of hair requires acidic medium and the vinegar will provide this.  It is also helpful in a way by remove the dirt from the scalp skin deeply and makes the hair follicles to work efficiently.  ½ cup of vinegar is added in to your hair mask or it may be added to the water by which the hairs are rinsed after removing mask.  It will give the hair shiny look.
  • Lemon drops when squeezed in bath tubs for hair wash after shampooing will also help in maintaining PH and for shiny look.
  • Allow the hair to dry naturally and then do comb or brush your hair after they are completely dry.
  • Molasses play a very effective role in making the hair silky because they have ability to hold the moisture within it and thus the cuticle of the hairs are protected from damage. These are also protein in nature and help in reinforcing the hair strand. Add 3 tabs of molasses in hair mask will give the hair soft touch. For curly and kinky hairs they do marvelous job in making them silky.
  • Egg is full of proteins. It gives the hairs full nourishment when applied on them and remained on hairs for at least one hour. You can make your own hair mask by taking the egg yolk and olive oil and apply it on your hairs. It will strengthen your hairs. While use the egg treatment of hair avoid warm water for rinsing the hairs.
  • Use shampoo according to seasonal environment and it will be according to the need of your hairs whether protienic or contain vitamins. Or herbal to maintain the texture of your hairs.
  • Other products to be used for hair styling as gels, sprays, for priming hair treatment or to dye the hairs all are such not cause damage to the hairs. These will be selected carefully.
  • Use vitamin B6 for avoiding hair loss.
  • Anemic condition of health also cause hair loss and damaged growth of hairs so iron should be taken in balanced quantities according to the need of body.

All above tips work well when used persistently for several months and with stress management and balanced diet.

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