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Home Made Baby Foods Recipes

As the baby grows he demands more food other then the milk feeding. Now many of his reflexes show that he needs solid foods as chew every thing which he get. There are numerous baby food compositions are available in markets which are easy to use and full of nourishments. But sometimes they are not as useful as we think due to the addition of many synthetic products in it. These synthetic products can not take the place of natural food. This is the great fun to prepare the food for your baby own self ” Home Made Baby Foods”.

Home Made Baby Foods Recipes

Home Made Baby Foods Ideas

The foods requirements for different age groups of babies are different as follows

4 to6 Month

  • These babies require foods which are thin and runny and easily digestible.

6 to 11 Month

  • The food is so much soft that easily swallowed by the baby because now he learn how to swallow food inward.


  • While preparing food for your baby it must be kept in mind that the ingredients must be fresh.
  • The ingredients to be used for baby food have nutritious value not just to fill the small tummy.


  • Take1/2 cup of milk and mix in it 1/3 portion of bananas and 1/ 4 cup of oats, Heat all these contents and grind in baby grinder to make a smooth mixture for baby to be swallowed easily.


  • Make the fruit butter and mash it into cheese without heating OR cooking and give the form of puree and give it to the child. It is full of nourishment and has many contents of balanced diet.


  • Take 1/3 cup of seasonal vegetables as carrots. Pumpkins, potatoes, boil them in sufficient water and now mash them by mixing some milk or yogurt in it. Some salt or sugar may be added in to it to make it yummy for the child.


  • Avocado is the best for physical and mental growth of child and full of nourishment. It may be given solely or by mixing and mashing in yogurt with the pinch of turmeric powder. It is also no need to cook or to grind.

Home Made Baby Foods Ideas

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