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Home Care For Finger NailsHome Care For Finger Nails, Nails are the skin extensions made up of hardened keratin by nature Nails grow from the base of nail skin under cuticle and as they grow older are pushed forward and torn off. Normal healthy nails are smooth. Without ridges, dents, without any unusual color or spots. To keep them healthy and presentable proper care should be needed.


  1. Nails are made of protein known as keratins. so the proper amount of this protein should be added in our diet. We can get these proteins from meat eggs, soy, cereals, sea food. In addition to this calcium, phosphorus iron and vitamin b is needed in rich supply taken from egg yolk, milk. Dairy products.
  2. Drink plenty of water for brittle nails because splitting of nails is sometimes due to dehydration of body. like other skin needs the abundant water is necessary for healthy nails.
  3. As nails grow they should be rough and uneven so they should be properly trimmed in round and square form to avoid splitting after trimming these should be filed with proper grain filer to make the edges smooth.
  4. The cuticle should be pushed back instead of removing with cuticle trimmer at least once in a week. If the cuticle is not removed properly it will sometime create infection and bleeding and much painful.
  5. Try to keep the nails inner side as clean as you can, because it has direct contact with your inner organs while eating.


1.      Soak your nails in warm water for at least 2 minutes and then brush or buff your nails with tooth brush or nail brush with soft bristles.

2.      After trimming your nails and cuticle, apply lemon juice on it to make them smooth.

3.      Apply a thin layer of tea tree oil on your finger nails to keep them clean and free them from fungus.

4.      Application of garlic juice or rubbing the nails with clove of it makes them strong and healthy.


Avoid the continuous application of nail polish because it prevents the oxygen to reach the nails and by constant application of it also cause nails discoloration.

Chlorine and sun make the nails brittle so while going to sun shine use sun block elements and vitamin E oil to protect them if there is any saline work.

If your nails not strong enough then it may be properly trimmed after short intervals and after trimming apply hand lotion to keep them smooth.


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