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High Heels Are Bad For You

I personally feel that heels are very good they make you look slim, smart, tall and make you body posture perfectly accurate and there are millions dresses that look absolutely brilliant with heels like shorts, skirts, jeans and trousers and there are so many long dresses which will make your feel odd if you use flats with those like gowns and long dresses and all formal dress, but are they good for you and are they are better for your health and peaceful comfortable life? Let’s see! We are not going to give you any difficult to understand and impossible to fathom logics to understand the reasons why we should quite heel.

It is always very okay to use heels or such kind of things on some special occasions, but if you are getting into a habit to sue them all the time, even when you get home and when you cook then this is alarming and this need some information so you could see if this is a healthy habit or not,  if you are getting into heels for beautiful sleek endless legs and if you are bearing all that pain to look good then let me tell you that blisters, cuts and other feel ailments are the miner reasons you should give your heel a break  caused when you wear heels for a longer time and walk in them you actually put all of your weight on your toes and on your front portion of your feet and that is the most horrible thing that you could do to the smallest bones of your body and you start getting d’shaped feet, which is obviously wrong and bad for your coming age.

High Heels Are Bad For You

When you use heels all the time you start getting numbed feet all the time and this put you on the higher risk of getting injured, trip, fall, twist an ankle and hurt yourself badly and at the same time you might get severe pains in your joints and ankles and heels which start getting worse with the passage of time.

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If you are using heels most of the time in your day time it will not only increase the risk of fungus and injuries and skin cancer, but it will make your foot stink and discolored too and I bet you would not like to get a horrible old age, juts to look and feel good in this age.

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