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Herbs For Oily Skin [II]

Herbs For Oily Skin [II]We talked about some herbs that help with oily skin and we are adding some more here too. Lavender is actually a simple beautiful and fragrant flower that has some magical qualities and it is loaded with astringent properties too it not only deal with your oily skin, but it can actually tighten your pores and fair complexion too, it has some antibacterial qualities too which means it can deal with cane, clog pores, balances the glands that produce sebum and even contributes to cell production and all of these qualities make it best thing for your oily skin.

Lemon and lime has some excellent astringent property and it helps you dealing with oil and fat which mean it is very good for weight lose and it is very good for oily skin and scalp, it has some very strong properties that help your skin to make new cells and remove the excess oil and dirt making from your skin, Citric acid present in lemon lightens and soften the skin at the same time, but you should not sleep with lime on your face or nether you should go out of the shade in sunlight,

Tangerine is a kind of citric fruit and it is well know natural anti-septic which means it can actually act as astringent for oily skin, Tangerine oil contains high levels of Vitamin A and E which is best thing that you can have for your supple and smooth skin, it soak out the oil from your skin, but doesn’t make your skin dry and dull, but adds moisturize in your skin naturally, at the same time it refreshes senses and leave your skin sparkling, and beautiful.

Honey is a strongest astringent possible and it is very good to provide the healthy nutrition and moisturizer to your skin it is best thing that your skin get, It absorbs excess moisture from the skin and reduces the chance of any kind of skin infection and you can add it in almost any face pack and it will enhance the impact in good way and it will help you get rid of pimples and acne and help you with aging and fine lines.

Tea Tree (Cajaput) Tea tree oil is great for use on oily and acne prone skins, it can be use of open pores, acne, scars and pigmentation and if you are getting any kind of oily skin issues then it will sooth it down immediately, it has very strong astringent and natural antiseptic qualities and you can use it as a makeup cleaning and it will not only good for removing all traces of makeup but it can clean your skin from deep down too and make your pores look and feel fresh and healthy.

Enjoy a healthy and happy life with natural herbs and get the best result.

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