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Herbs For Oily Skin [ I ]

Herbs For Oily Skin [ I ]Every lock has been made with a key and natural always make a solution and then make a issue and if you actually believe on this thing that you should believe that there is nothing on this plant that we cannot cure with natural things, any disease and any problem, we just need to look for that solution and today we are going to talk about some simple and ancient herbals that you can use if you are suffering with oily skin issue, excess oily skin is a serious discomfort for both men and women and there are a millions issues that come with oily skins like blackheads, acne etc. and we are going to share some serious herbs that can deal with your oily skin.

Peppermint is best thing if you are thinking to reduce fat, cause it is designed to absorb the oil and fat dn then dissolve it too and this means Peppermint could be a solution for oily and large pore complexions, yess it is , if you are applying it topically then it can be the best astringent, soothing and cooling agent possible, and it has menthol that refreshes and revitalizes the skin and make your feel so fresh and relaxed, it reduce the odor, minimizes redness and irritation, helps fight bacteria, controls sebum production and clarifies the skin, in short, your new BFF J.

Rose is the kind of flowers cause of its beautiful and amazing looks, but you can actually use it for oily skin, normally we use it for dry and sensitive skin, but it is very good for your oily skin too, rosewater and oil are used in skin care cosmetics as they are effective astringents and exerts cleansing, toning and soothing effect on the skin and you can use it to moisturizes your oily and complicates skin too.

Rosemary is famous for its soothing impacts and trust me if you had a horrible long day then just sprinkle one tea spoon rosemary in your hot bath and then you will feel new born fresh;) as it is very high in antioxidants and for the same reasons you can actually use it for astringent impacts too, rosemary is well suited to oily prone and ageing skin and it enhance the blood circulation for healthy on beautiful skin and at the same time it help you get beautiful and flawless completion too.

Sage is an ideal thing for oily, spotty skin and for wrinkled, sagging complexions too, you would love the impact, cause normally when we deal with wrinkles we provide fat and moisturize which make skin more oily and saggy, but sage not only prove the best cleaner and stimulates blood circulation, closes pores and restores elasticity but it remove fine lines too.

Yarrow flowers are rich with astringent, healing and soothing properties and normally Ayurvedic experts use it for medicines but you can use them for oily skin conditions and that will treat your skin tone, closes pores and manages wrinkles too.

Calendula flowers help to balance excessively oily skin and it is very good to maintain a healthy balance between oil and dryness and it maintain the right amount of oil production in your skin and you don’t feel dry and dull after using it,

Sandalwood is best for fair and smooth skin and complexion, but if use it with plain water then it will help you get rid of oily skin and excessive shine on your face, Sandalwood oil has astringent and soothing properties and effective in oily skin conditions so if you don’t want to use the real mask then you can use the oil which is easy to apply and get and it work the beast.

Keep reading for more herbs that help your oily pores and we will continue the same topic with Herbs For Oily Skin [II]

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