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Herbal Oil For Hair Growth

Herbal Oil For Hair GrowthHerbal Oil For Hair Growth, Herbal oil is an extract from herbs. Nature bestowed us with lot of things and each thing has its own advantages. Just to discover and properly utilize it, each herb has its own value medicinal as well as economical importance. Seeds, leaves, flowers, roots, stem each part of plant can be used for different purposes, for making herbal oil we have to know the medicinal effects of each herb and also to know the part of plant is used. For example amla (fenugreek) herb is used for making oil effective for promoting hair growth, for increasing the hair pigment, its seeds and leaves may be used for this purpose. Many other plants or herbs are used to make herbal oil and each have its own importance, rosemary, white willow, lavender etc. For making herbal oil we have to take following steps.

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  • Part of plant to be needed, seeds, flower, leaves,
  • Glass jars or glass bottles.
  • Lids for glass jar( sterilized the bottles or jars)
  • Corks or caps to close the bottles.
  • Proper place, window where the abundant amount of sunshine reach.
  • Funnels.
  • Strainers.
  • Cheese clothes.

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Rinse the herbal thoroughly before to make oil and dry them also wash the jars and dry them properly.Bruise the herb or stuff to be used  for making oil and put in dried jar,,,,, heat the oil  at  high temperature and pour it at herb sufficiently that the herb completely covered by it. Allow the contents to dry. Cover it with cork or lid. put it in window where the sunshine is directly reach and place it here almost 20-30 days. Now strain the oil in any other jar by keeping funnel and cheese clothes herbs may remain in the oil but better if these too are strained. This oil will be used for two to three months depending upon the quantity of contents to be used.

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1.      The oil flavor should be low so that the herb flavor prominent.

2.      Seal bottles with cork so that the il remain safe from external  pollution.

3.       Before using keep it in cool place.

4.      Decorate the jar or bottle with beautifully paint or ribbon to be liked and attracted publicly.

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