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Heavy Bleedings And Natural Remedies

Heavy Bleedings And Natural RemediesIt is great fuss to control the heavy menstrual bleeding and to move with such situations. Many of us restrict themselves near the bed and within the premises. There are different phobias and fears in movement with heavy menstrual bleeding. In medical terminology this condition is named as menorrihigia. It creates great discomfort and disturbance for the girl or women who is suffering with this.

Usually each female has her own specific way and duration of the menstrual cycle. It can’t be compared with others but sometimes some abnormalities are seen in the flow of menstrual blood. When we talk about the heavy bleeding in menstrual cycle it refers to following abnormalities:

  • Frequent requirement of changing the sanitary pad.
  • Bleeding in between the normal menstrual periods
  • Heavy bleeding during specific time of the day.
  • Heavy bleeding during specific action as exertion etc.
  • Heavy flow with menstrual cramps
  • Menstrual flow with large clots

With these there are many other conditioned which are studied under this abnormality. All these require the immediate visit to the gynecologist and treatment after proper investigation. However there are certain home remedies which are in practice for holistic way of treatment.

  1. There are certain herbs as Artemisia vulgaris capsella bursa pulsatila promotes menstrual and hormonal health.
  2. It has been suggested that by taking few drops 5-10 drops of lady’s mantle tincture taken three times a day is helpful in giving relief from this. It has been said that the remedy should be taken weak before the start of the menstrual flow.
  3. Shepherded purse is another effective remedy for heavy menstrual flow. It acts within few hours and should be taken in tea form.


Homeopathic medicines also work well in controlling the heavy bleeding when they are selected according to the symptoms. Among them are belladonna, pulsatilla, pecacuanha are the best medicines.
Natrum mure and secale are also used when there is heavy bleeding with cramps. Calendula officials and Vietnam opulus is also causes the calming of the heavy menstrual flow. China promotes the healthy energy level after heavy bleeding .


  • Drink lot of juices and water to compensate the heavy flow.
  • Eat foods which are enriched with iron as apples and beef liver. As these will control the deficiency of iron and anemic condition.
  • Take milk to restore the health and vitality of the body.

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