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Healthy Fast Food For Breakfast

Healthy break fast is needed for all without the discrimination of gender or age. Either the person living in home or going outside. Health is impotent and same metabolic process is going on all individuals and body needs are same for every one .so due to all above factors what to be needed for healthy break fast. There are following things should be included in you break fast to meet the needs of body.

As the balanced diet includes five essential elements needed by the body. Their amount or quantity may be different for person to person. These essential elements are;

  1. Proteins.
  2. Fats.
  3. Carbohydrates.
  4. Vitamins
  5. Minerals.

With all these elements proper intake of water is necessary. So by keeping in mind all these essential elements, we have to prepare our break fast. . It must include the following foodstuffs as a healthy breakfast.


Healthy break fast, Eggs are the rich source of proteins. The proteins are important for our cells metabolic process. And have low fat content. These may be taken in any form, boiled, fried or omelets may be prepared by mixing some vegetables in it. Each egg contains 75 kcal in boiled form. So if you are on dieting take a boiled egg with some juice.


Healthy break fast, Cereals are full source of fibers and improve our digestion to great extent, these have low content of fats, so if a diet plan is taken they play important role in reducing weight with fuller stomach. If some seasonal fruit is added in to it, its nutritional value will be increased.


Fresh fruits salads should be taken for healthy break fast for keeping you fresh whole day. It is in either simple peeling the fruits and the slices should be topped with yogurt or cream or may be taken by taking the shake of these fruits.


healthy break fast,Two slices of toast with some cheese or jam and green tea or simple tea give whole meal and fulfill many balanced diet requirements.


healthy break fast, Normal sized bowl of yogurt should be taken either simply or mix some seasonal fruits in it. Yogurt is full of many nutritional contents. If the yogurt of skimmed milk is taken it will be useful for dieting needs.


Healthy break fast Smoked fish or seafood is the rich source of minerals and many useful proteins and low fats. Add some cottage cheese or grilled tomatoes. Or cabbage makes it more nutritious and it will meet the appetite and also satisfy the taste buds.


Healthy break fast Baked beans are full of proteins and support the healthy meal of the day. Take a healthy break fast and start a wonderful day with healthy start.


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