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Healthy Diet & Exercise Tips – During Pregnancy

Healthy Diet & Exercise Tips - During PregnancyAs we know many mothers not care of theirself when they are pregnent, in result they face many problems after birth of baby like back pain body pain ect. Anyway helthy diet and proper care of exercise are very important. Below giving Healthy Diet & Exercise Tips – During Pregnancy will be a good start.

Firs of all when you should know taht you are pregnent then eat Plenty of proteins in your food.Protein is necessary for the development of the baby (especially the brain). Things which give you mixmum proteins is lentils, tofu, eggs, chicken etc.

Tip no 1: Kidney Beans is a very beneficent food for mother because it give you protein, fiber, antioxidants, and iron in a large number, your blood volume expands also, Eating 4 to 5 times in a day is always recommended.

Food of choice during pregnancy

Green vigetables are very importent for you in this condition. It proves as a good vitamins and calcium to you and your growing baby.

Tip no 2: Tiny sesame seeds have full of calcium, which your baby needs for bone development.

Plain Yougurt give you 25 percent of your daily calcium requirement, protein, and several other necessary vitamins and minerals. Please do not use fruit-flavored yogurts loaded with sugar.

For calcium you need to drink 2 cups of milk in a day.It makes bones of your baby and also you. Milk help to build your baby strong.

Healthy Diet & Exercise Tips - During Pregnancy-1Exercise Tips during Pregnancy

Kegal exercise trey perfect for you, it help you in your smooth delivery.Very helpful while delivering the baby.

Walk is very important exercise for pregnant ladies. It is very safe and helpful for you.

Very important thing do not think negative thoughts and actions.

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