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How to Treat Hang Nails Causes

Home Remedies Nails Treatment Hang Nails | Causes And Cures – Hang nails are the strip of skin along the nail which often detached from the skin around the nails.

Though it is dead cell of skin surface but get painful because attached with living cells of cuticle. It is very annoying and painful condition of the nails.

How to Treat Hang Nails Causes

There are Following Hang Nails Causes


It is the most common cause of hang nails.

Dryness of Cuticle


In winter the skin get dry. This dry skin is easy to damage and appear as hang nail.

Cute Seasonal Nails


Sometimes the working conditions are such that nail becomes dry, dirty and they develop the problem of hang nails.

How to Condition Nails After Acrylics


While the artificial nails are applied or refilled the chemicals used cause the problem of nail hangings.

Artificial Nails at Home


If the manicure treatment is not done properly in which the cuticle is not pushed back gently, it will create the problem of hangnails.

Improper Nail Care & How to Treat Hang Nails Causes


If the nail biting habit is becoming severe then the nail biter damages the cuticles. As result of this hang nails causes are to be appeared.

Stop Nail Biting

The Following Measures are Taken to Cure The Hang Nails

  1. As hang nails are caused by the drying of cuticle, the hand as whole are well hydrated and cuticle lotion and cream is specifically applied at the area around the nails to protect from hang nails causes.
  2. While doing some vigorous or stressful work with nails where pressure is applied at nails gloves must be used.
  3. In case of using harsh chemicals for cleansing purposes the rubber gloves are to be used.
  4. If the nail biting is the cause of hang nails then it will be cured by use of different tricks and applying different creams to taste differential to divert the habit
  5. Cuticle oil and moisturizing cream are the best solution to solve the problem.

Causes of Hang Nails

Treat the hang nails causes area with clean manicure scissor. It will prevent the sticking of  sensitive area with clothes or any other coarse object after trimming most hang nail areas goes away in few days.

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