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Halle Berry Publicist Patti Webster Died At The Age 49

Patti Webster Died At The Age 49A very sad news has just surfaced online and has made every stakeholder of the Hollywood Showbiz industry quite sad. It has been reported by the source that a very famous personality of the Hollywood named as Patti Webster has died on Friday, 13th of September 2013. Patti Webster was a longtime longtime publicist in the Hollywood showbiz Industry she is also famous for representing some of the famous celebrities of Hollywood in which the Usher, Janet Jackson, Chris Paul, Halley Berry and Alicia Keys. It has been reported that was suffering from the brain cancer and was under medical treatment from a long time.

The news has just stunned the Hollywood media all around the world not only the celebrities but also the other publicist has share their sorrow for her. Patti Webster died at the age of 49 due to Brain cancer, she was suffering from that disease from a long time and trying to get the rid out of this but unfortunately she could not survive and yesterday in hospital at Somerville, N.J she has been pronounced dead by the doctors while W&W Public Relations where she was working from a long time is a Private firm has confirmed the news of her death.

Halle Berry Publicist Patti Webster Died At The Age 49

She is survived by her father, two sisters, two brothers and other relatives. She became very famous in the Hollywood when she represented celebrities in almost every field, including actress Halle Berry, NBA star Dwight Howard and comedian Steve Harvey, and organizations including Creflo Dollar Ministries. She was the founder of W&W Public Relations which was founded in 1991.

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