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Hair Styles for Fine Hair

Hair Styles for Fine Hair-

Styles for Fine Hair – It is difficult to manage the fine hair. They are too shiny and delicate that difficult to handle. Regular conditioning is required to control these hairs. By conditioning wash and solemnizing shampoo bulkiness is added to the fine hairs.


  • The fine hair are much prone to get dry easily and with this their problem of dandruff and flakes. So whenever these hairs are washed a few drops of lemon should be added in the bath tub. It will keep the original shine and the texture will retain.
  • Add yogurt and egg pack in fine hairs so that it will make them strong due to essential nutrients required by hairs are in it.
  • Take diet which is rich in proteins, as the texture of the hair is such that it contains proteins.
  • Take an egg in a bowl and dip the comb in this then with this combed your hairs all through the length of the hairs. The roots are care fully covered with the egg   fluid. After half an hour wash the hair by usual shampoo. They will become stronger after few days work.
  • Fine hair is mostly affected by static electric charges. After bathing comb those with wooden brush or comb and with wide toothed.
  • To create volume and body in these hairs apply the paste of basil leaves and Indian goose berry twice in week. It will stimulate the strong texture of hair.

Use the light hold spay with humidity control to hold the style.

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