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Hair Color & Your Appearance

When we go outside we notice different people having different hair colors and each one has its own individuality. The colors of our hairs have a great role in building up of our personality uniqueness in our character.

To color the hair is the matter of great concern because it will change your entire personality. Enough money has to be spending on it and if not suitable it will give irritation constantly.

Some people have to change the color on permanent basis, some change to get the trendy life style and some change the color   to hide the age factor. What ever the reason of hair dye use just to keep in mind the following facts in mind.

  • Color of your eyes.
  • Skin color.
  • Shape of your face.
  • Your age.

The selection of your hair color by keeping in mind the above factors give you the natural look. For example if your skin is white the golden touch or warm colors suits to you. If you are of darker complexion than the hair colors with reddish touch give you a natural look. Similarly the color of your eyes should match with your hair colors or give a harmonically effect. The shape your face as well as your age also suitable with your hair color, if you have wrinkled face with yellowish hairs it will give the impact of   your bad health.  Your shade may be 1 or 2 level higher to your natural shade. So the perfect hair stylist may guide you that which hair color suits on you.


The hair coloring is done in variety of ways,   by applying to simple henna in home or to go to established saloons with experts, is all up to your choice.  And the type of colorings adopted as permanent or semi permanent etc. while applying colors on hair just do it patiently and cover all the roots, and   follow all the instructions for any particular coloring method as   how much to be it stayed on hair and skin allergy tests.


Once a color is applied on your hairs it will remain on it at least 4-6 weeks. So consider your life style and your budget for its application and or it maintains. Because now you are getting the color which quite different from your original color of hairs.


Before applying the hair color test it that it will match to your skin and not to be damaging to the hair growth and hair texture.  Because just to change the color is not enough but the hair growth and health of hair is also important.


The color once applied the next to this is the maintaining of the color. Proper products of washing, conditioning and massaging the hairs should be applied to keep the hairs healthy usually the same product company is used for their care which is used for coloring. It will prolong the effects of coloring. Color your hairs smartly and change your looks effectively.

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