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GREYING HAIR FASTLYOH, grey  hair  in scalp; it creates great tension when we see one or two grey hair in our  hairs, because it is the clear sign of aging, Aging is  phase of life not to be accepted easily. So we get anxious and try to recover it soon before any other person see it .The remaining life spend to conceal this graying of hair. But no definite solution   we find  just do struggle , and with passage of time they ate increasing day by day  like carcinoma growth ,neither it finish nor our struggle to cover them stop .Actually  graying of hair is due to the deficiency of hair pigment  melanin in hair follicles  . This pigment is also found in skin to describe the colors of skin .Hairs are the appendages of skin .These are the extensions of skin   epidermis. Like other skin problems it is also recovered to some extent by proper care.


There are varieties of causes for it;

  1. The most common cause of it is hereditary, if our father, grand fathers have this then it’s the matter of genetic coding.
  2. Continuous anxiety, stress also the cause of it.
  3. Excess intakes of foods which decline the production of hair pigment growth such as tea, coffee, alcohol, and acidic foods, sour and spicy foods cause this.
  4. Severe illness also causes this.
  5. Deficiency of some important nutrients in food such as copper and vitamin B, there less use clearly develop this problem..


Prevention is always better then cures. We can manage it by following ways:

  • Dietary plans: Our diet should be balanced and contain all essential contents needed by our whole body, specifically for hair graying it is nourished by proteins  cereals ,  vitamin B components, iron,  iodine .These  elements  should included in our diet.
  • Avoid unhygienic conditions: Unclean conditions of scalp also cause   this. Living in polluted area or environment cause it .
  • Smokey air: it is also affects the hair. People living near factory areas should take care of this.
  • Avoid unnecessary strains: Continuous anxiety should be controlled  just by  doing right and trusting upon God

1. Gooseberry or amla is very effective hair tonic and also promoting pigment growth. The fruit of this herb is in dry form available in market, it is soaked in water overnight and then crushed and boiled in coconut oil, and applied on hair. The over night water is also used to rinse hair.

2. Curry leaves also effects hair growth, when it is cooked in water and leaves crushed and paste applied on hairs give good results.

3. Butter from cow’s milk for massaging to increase the strength of hair buds and pigment quantity in hair follicles.

4. Ribbed gourd or torai is dried and boiled in coconut oil when applied on hair prevent the premature graying of hairs.

5. Food .vegetables and fruits rich of vitamin B, iodine and copper shows good results.

Have good color of hairs and have a great looks.

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