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Green Tea Health

Usually our body requires continous in take of different liquids to de toxify itself and to keep it hydrated. For this purpose it is recommended to take 10 – 12 glass of water daily. But we get fed up while take 5 to 6 glasses.  Now if the type of liquid is changed we take it willingly. So we drink juices, snacks Colas etc. Green tea is the best among all. It is the precious gift of nature. Green tea is found and used in the beginning in china and then in Asia and Japan and now is widely spread in west where the black tea is traditionally used.

The medicinal green tea effects make it tremendous important in health related problems. The latest researches show that it combat with cancer cells then any other food stuff. Other health benefits of it are categorized as

  • Arthritis.
  • Cardiovascular diseases.
  • High cholesterol level.
  • Infections especially in case of abdominal infections.
  • Skin care.


Green tea is a very beneficial for health by variety of means. The low rate of heart problems in Chinese and in Japanese is related due to the large consumption of green tea.  It has many healthful products as well as the anti oxidants in it.

The emerging researches show that the green tea is also play an important role in dieting. The persons taking green tea and caffeine burn more calories as compared to those who take only caffeine with some placebo. Green tea also helps to prevent the tooth decay. Just by killing the harmful bacteria found inside the mouth and destroy the teeth.

The effects of green tea are seen miraculously if it is taken on regular basis, usually 3-4 cups / day. In weight loss the green tea is so much effective that one pound of fat contains 3500 calories, and we have to reduce if one pound then it may be average of 500 calories per day. So this can only be achieved by the combined effect of exercise and   proper diet plan, which include 5 cups of green tea in daily use.


Green tea contains such elements in it which fight against free radicals produced in the body. These free radicals cause inflammations and infection on skin, Green tea also   cures the damage of skin caused by UV rays. It will protect the skin from UV rays. Exposure to sunlight is a major factor causing the skin aging.

It also fights against skin cancer and remove the cancer cells from the body. It will also recover the damaged caused by psoriasis. It also sooth the skin and remove the acne from the skin and make it clear from different eruptions. So the green tea is miraculous gift of the nature.

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