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Green-Orange & Gold Eye Makeup

Today we are picking Green/Orange & Gold to get a perfect look with such a bold shades as you know that these shades are very formal and you need to be really very good to use them in normal day to day life, but we will try our level best to make it as wearable as possible and if you have dark complication then you need to be really very careful and you all would agree that these are all bold colors and look better on fair and pale complexion, but it does not mean that you cannot try that if you have brown complexion, you just need to be very careful and blend it well and you will look good.

You can use any product and shade you want, but I am going to use these products and these shades, VOV eyebrow powder set, same make up kit, Elle 18 eye sparkler green grenade and kajal, Maybelline hypercurl mascara, golden eye crayon and Street wear eyeliner and now we will start applying that.

Orange & Gold Eye Makeup

As you know that we always start with prime as this will give you a perfect smooth base for perfect shade blending so we will start with prime and fill your eyebrows with that and then add some brown or nude eyebrow powder or any dark brown eye shadow on your eye lid and that will create a naturally thick eyebrows and brighter eyes illusion.

Now just take matte gold eye shadow on the back of your hand apply a decent amount on your eye lid and highlight your brow bone with that and keep blending it with your index finger, this is very important, keep blending and before applying any new shade you need to clean your finger with any wed wipe to get the neat look.

Green-Orange & Gold Eye Makeup

When you are satisfied with the golden shade now apply green crayon on the upper side of your lid and as you know that we are using Green Grenade and it has slightly shimmer in it so it look good with dust gold base, now use a similar green eye shadow over it, but don’t overdo that cause we don’t want to miss the real texture of the green crayon and now the time is of new shade and that new shade  which is a matte grey and we are using that on the upper cover of the lid to enhance the shape.

Now draw a thick line with a golden crayon on the lower lash line and a usual black winged liner on the upper lash line and now apply the kajal on waterline and also tight line your eyes with it and now finish your look with the mascara.

You are ready to rock the parties.

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