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Green Eye Makeup Tutorial

We are going to share a very simple and fascinating eye makeup with you girls for your Eid day and we are using very simple tricks and shade and you can use other shades for that look too and use technique to get that beautiful and cute glamorous look and you need very few things to get that look.

This is a very simple and easy to apply makeup for those who get to busy on the festival day and they don’t want to go out or in gathering with nude face as we are just using the two shades and we are going to use the shimmery eye shade pencil which means we don’t need o spend too much time to blend the shades and we are just using one more shade which means not too much to do and we will start with the base.

We will start with moisturizer and primer as always, I cannot even imagine applying the eye makeup without these two things, you need to give these two things some time to get settle down and then apply the base on your eyes and don’t use face or lose powder cause I want to use the stickiness of your base and blend it well and now you just need to apply the Shimmer Stick in Glimmer Green all over the lid and you need to apply perfectly and see if you are using extra pressure or not, you just need to get some base of that shade, don’t use too much cause then it will ruin the whole sweet look, apply from inner corner to outer corner and now you need to add next shade.

Green Eye Makeup Tutorial

I like the shade of red with green a lot and I am using the reddish taupe and I am taking it with a tapered fluffy brush and apply it on the outer V of the eye lid and then blend it inward and a bit outward till the half way in and mix it well with the green shade of your eyes and you need to blend it well till you see some shine on your mate maroon shade.

Makeup Ideas For Green Eyes

Now you need to take lime green on a flat brush and apply it over the inner eye lid and blend it with the reddish taupe as you apply it and blend it well and then take the same reddish taupe on the pencil brush and apply in thin line over the lower lash line, but now all the way to inner corner and finish the look with mascara and liner.

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