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Green Eye Makeup For Redheads

Green Eye Makeup For RedheadsIt is very easy to get a perfect look for any woman, but I personally think that Asian and blonds are blessed with the easiest look possible, but that does not mean that other woman cannot look beautiful, they can they absolutely can, they just need to understand some simple rules according to their looks and today I am going to share a very simple and cuter look for redheads and very beautiful eyes, actually it is a lighter shade of brown with a hint of red or maroon, but before this I would love to share some of my tips for redheads.

Eye Makeup For Red Heads

Best Eye Makeup For RedheadsThey Should Use a Yellow-Based Foundation:- I know that you have light pale skin, but you have fire on your head, you cannot add pinkish look in your skin too, any foundation with a red or pink base would literally make you look like sunburned, and will make you look too ruddy and clash with your hair color, you should pick sheer yellow-based foundation, and it should be super sheer to let your fabulous freckles show through and as you have the thinnest skin possible so you need to pick foundation or concealer with SPF 30 or above to protect your fair skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

Best Yellow Based FoundationThey Should Keep Eye Makeup Neutral or Less Dramatic:-  We all love to add some drama in our look, but it is not for you, you should stay away from dramatic look and try to get neutral eye makeup, light coverage base and with that pick eye shadow in shades of beige, camel, honey, gold and chestnut and green is absolutely perfect for you too, you should pick brown eyeliner with a light hand and smudge it a little for evening, black is too harsh for you and brown liner and mascara will put highlight to your skin and hair color.

Dramatic Eye Makeup TutorialAvoid Red Lips:- If you are a natural redhead and you have super fair skin with freckles then avoid red, it will look cuter, but will kill your overall look, and if you are not natural and you have fair skin without freckles and you have light shade of eyes then let red rock your look;)natural redhead should avoid pink and red lip color, but there are few shades of red which go perfectly with your red hair, like blue read Blue- and gold-based reds can look great on some redheads to…
Now I am going to share a very simple green look for red heads.

Avoid Red LipsAs you can see we applied a very mild and light coverage base, but it is a pale sheer base, but she does not have freckles, yet the base look great and we finished the look with lower power to get nice mate look.

We will take primer and apply all over the lid and around the eyes too and meanwhile when skin is absorbing the moisturizer, we will groom the brows with maroon brown eye shade and we will blend to get perfect natural look, now we will take perfectly mate yellow nude eye base shade and we will apply it all over the lid from lash to eye brow and we blend it well, now we will take absolutely mat green shade and we apply right over the lid and we will tab apply it all over the moveable lid, lighter on the edges and rich on the center, and tab blend well, create a perfect shade on the lid and blend till it look natural.

Makeup For Green Eyes and Red HairNow we will take orange pale shade with small brush and we will apply a line right over the crease and we will blend, we will blend till it looks natural, you need to blend super well to make it look perfect, then we will take the lightest frosty green shad you have and add some white lose powder in it and apply it over the inner corner of the eye and under the lower lash line too, but don’t let any harsh line on the skin, keep it super natural, now add some shimmer in frosty green shade and apply over the brow bone, apply dramatic dark gray or brown liner with wing over upper lash line and a maroon brown liner on the lower lash line, but don’t apply over your water line and finish the look with maroon brown mascara.

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