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Great Kitchen Design Ideas [ I ]

The next kitchen idea that we are going to talk about is Wood-Paneled Kitchen and it is ideal for those who like to live in dry and smooth environment for that you can arrange some high ceilings of wood with some hanging wheels with some simple hanging to hang pans, big pots and spoon and then use some simple row looking cabinets and some drawers where you can keep your cutlery and dinner sets and you can use wood shelves and table too, but with some smooth glass or marble top to keep your wood safe and if you have small place then use same shade of wood and you need to make sure you keeping the same shade in mind for dishwasher , refrigerator and other accessories and make sure you are using the right amount of light and on the right place.

A kitchen with Casual Feeling would be a kitchen which your ideas and your requirement is more important than anything else, if you want to have a big space for your cooking and cutting then you can have it and you can get a long and big table in the middle of the kitchen and you can use this for sitting and eating purpose too and if you want to have big dish washing place then you can have that double sink system over your dishwasher and if you want to get some space to store things then you can use your big table for that,

Great Kitchen Design Ideas [ I ]

if you hire someone who can convert the space underneath your table into some small and big cabinets then you can use it to store your  grocery and your big or small pans and pots in there  and you can use colorful doors of your cabinets too and this will create a casual and lively environment.

Great Kitchen Design Ideas

At the end I am going to share one of the most famous and one f the most common design and for that you have to get some kitchen garden in the back and for that you would have a door in your home and the next door in the back yard and you can convert whole of it in the garden and you can use one side for growing herbs and vegetables or whatever you want to grow there  and the other part can fill with grass and plants and some sitting stools etc,

Best Kitchen Designs 2011

now you need to have one small cutting table which you can use to prepare the food and then one simple cooking range on the side of the wall and in between some shelves, now you can either put your kitchen necessaries  in some open cabinets or in some cupboards and place your spices and oils etc in the corner or in the nearest cabinet , simple and smooth and productive.

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