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Gorgeous Look By Soft Shiny Hair

Gorgeous look By Soft Shiny HairGorgeous Look By Soft Shiny Hair | The desire of attractive look is natural for every individual. God has gifted us a perfect body with appropriate balance of each feature, we just have to enhance it, maintain it. Hair of course is a symbol of pleasant personality. Long hairs are the symbol of poetic versions in women but these long hairs have attractive look if soft, smooth and properly trimmed. Some individuals have coarse hair by birth and sometimes the coarseness is dew to environmental conditions or badly handled, whatever the condition is there are some tips to attain soft smooth hair:

Hair Brush Tips;

  1. Do proper brush of hair at least once in a day.
  2. The brush will be broad bristled.
  3. Made up of natural material, if it is of synthetic material it has some chemical electrostatic effect on hair. Comb made of wood gives very good result,
  4. Brush will be small sized for fine hair and have open bristles to cut down on amount of heat penetrates in to the hair.

Cleansing Tips;

The cleansing of hair with suitable shampoo, soap. Or some natural product plays a very important role in making the hair soft smooth shiny.

1.  Use thee shampoo which has a low quantity of chemicals just like baby shampoos.

2.  Before every wash comb your hairs so that tangles remove and unnecessary stress on hairs is avoided.

3.  Use cold water for washing because hot water has damaging effects on hair and natural oil exists in hair reduced.

How to make hair look smooth and shiny
How to make hair look smooth and shiny

Conditioning tips;

1.  The conditioner is applied on hair after rinsing in cold water  and allow it to stay for at least in hair for 5 minutes so that it reaches to hair follicles and do its work well.

2.  After conditioning use cold water because it locks the conditioner in hairs.

3.  After bathing add 2tbs of lemon juice in bath water to use as natural conditioner.

Use of hair products tips:

1.  While using hair style products first to ask from your hair style whether it is suitable for your hairs or not.

2.  Not to go to beauty hair shop and select the things randomly. Just to check the compatibility of it to your hairs in case of hair spray, hair gels. Thermal hairstyles.

3.  In case of changing hairstyle, beware that delicate hair roots not to be damaged by any vigorous molding of hairs.

How to make hair look healthy and soft
How to make hair look healthy and soft

There is some natural stuff for deep cleansing of hair as follows.

  • Real mayonnaise act as good conditioner when applied till the end of hair and then rinse the hair and set them according your desire.
  • 3-4 eggs mixed in yogurt and paste applied on hair for 2 hours and then wash.
  • Apple cider vinegar is also effective, 2 cups of it in one cup of water added and applied in hair for fifteen minutes and then rinsed with cold water.
  • Brew some coffee in a water, give a boil and pour it on your hair after it is slightly warm. After 10-15 minutes rinse the hair with tap water, it will leave your hair soft and shiny.

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