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Gorgeous Charcoal Smokey Eyes

Charcoal Smokey eye is one of the most prevalent and most admired variations of Smokey eye makeup. Created with charcoal and silver pigments, charcoal Smokey eye makeup gives your eyes the desired stun and mesmerizing appeal. It’s an ideal look for a nighttime event. Do consider it for the upcoming weekend or any other evening part!

Here I am sharing with you an easy, step-by-step tutorial to a seamless charcoal Smokey eye:

Step I

First of all, prime your lids with a quality primer, hide up any imperfections with concealer and smooth out any uneven skin with foundations and your canvas is ready for made up application.

Gorgeous Charcoal Smokey Eyes-01

Step II

Now, grab your darker eyeshadow, preferably charcoal, and sweep it in the crease area and the out 1/3 part of your upper eyelid. Extend the pigment in an upper tail afterwards.

Gorgeous Charcoal Smokey Eyes-0

Step III

Cover the rest 2/3 part of your top lid with silver eyeshadow.

Gorgeous Charcoal Smokey Eyes-

Step IV

Do moderately thick lining of the upper and lower eyelids.

Step V

Now, get some charcoal eyeshadow onto your brush and run it underneath the lower rim, extending it a little outwards to join it with the outer extension of the upper eyeshadow tail.

Gorgeous Charcoal Smokey Eyes

Step VI

Apply silver eyeshadow on the brow-bone and nose-eye junction. Finish of with several thick coats of mascara or a set of falsies and you’re done.
Try this overwhelming, 10-minute party eye makeup look for your next party and collect complementary remarks from your pals and colleagues!

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