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Golden Smokey Eyes Makeup Tutorial

Golden Smokey Eyes Makeup TutorialThere are some simple and very interesting ideas that you can use to get a beautiful eye makeup according to the winter, but I wanted to try smoky eyes for a time now and I wanted to use some bright and some shimmery shadows with smoky eyes cause I was kind of getting fed up of light and baby shades and natural and nude shades so today as it is getting a bit cooler now, I decided to try something bright and I am using orange-ish gold today and I am loving the ideas to use it for cool, but sunny day.

Golden Smokey Eyes Makeup Tutorial-

As you would know by now that I always start with washing the face with applying the moisturizer and then serum and then some prime and then my skin is ready for makeup, I will take some yellowish concealer and then I will apply under and around my eyes, but not in half circle way, instead I am using the triangle look and blend it well.

Golden Smokey Eyes Makeup Tutorial-0

Now the first thing that I will do is fill in my eye brows because I love well groomed and thick eyebrows and for that I am using creamy black eye pencil and I will just fill the gaps cause I don’t like opera look, I just want to look perfect.

Golden Smokey Eyes Makeup Tutorial-01

Now we will draw a triangle at the outer end of the upper eye lid with the smooth eye pencil and then we will fill the triangle with the eye pencil to get perfect look and then we will smudge the triangle inwards with finger or thin brush and now we will take a matte brown or dark gray eye pencil and draw a thick line on the lower lash line but not on the whole, just till half of the line and blend it outward with the thin brush.

Golden Smokey Eyes Makeup Tutorial-02 Golden Smokey Eyes Makeup Tutorial-03

Now we will take some brown eye shadow, you can use any you like, but I am using a mate light brown shade and apply over the lid and then smudge all over the lid and we will smudge it over the triangle too, now we will take shimmery eye shadow and will draw a diagonal line according to the black triangle , but it is better to not to rub it, use dabbing motion, now you need to take orange shade and apply on remaining portion of the lid, but we are using orange to make golden look more cute, so if you are using any other shade then you can use other shades too.

Golden Smokey Eyes Makeup Tutorial-04

Use Kajal to apply the thick liner and apply mascara to finish the look.

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