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Golden Brown Eye Makeup Tutorial

We are going to try some very shiny and beautiful glamorous look with golden brown shades and for that we are going to try a very cute and very stylish fancy look and this is especially for those who were born with the colored eyes or going to use contact lances so shell we start? As you know we will start with moisturizer and primer and then we will give it some time and then add some foundation to our look and now you are ready to play with shades and create the looks you wanted to have and as I always say, if you are using shiny shades then you should use lighter foundation and this will not only enhance the look, but will make it look fresh and pleasant too, now we will give it sometime and means while you can collect the shades you want to apply.

First of all you need to take yellowish/ light gold eye shadow as it look so good with brown and it look so cute with Asian skin tone and apply it all over your eye lid and for that you don’t even need to metabolism moderate, apply it and rub it all over your eye lid and then you need to take Maroonish brown eye shadow and we will use it to create the V on the outer side of our eye and then we will blend it in word and you need to blend it with your yellow golden shade too and blend it with soft hands cause we don’t want to cover the whole eye.

Golden Brown Eye Makeup Tutorial

Now you need to take a much moderated amount of black eye shadow and apply that over your outer corner and start blending in circular motion, just about a small part of your outer corner in between the maroon and eye lash line, now you need to take soft brown eye shadow or you can use the one close to your skin tone and then apply that over your outer eye line over the rough edges and get a very clean outer “V”.

Golden Brown Eye Makeup

Finish your look with liner and mascara.

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