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Golden Black Eye Makeup Tutorial

If you are going to get ready for something important and you want to look beautiful and glamorous with short time of frame then this is a look absolutely stunning for you and if you are an Asian woman then trust me this is going to rock your skin tone and it is going to enhance your look and your complexion and as you are Asian then you would use lots of Gold Jewellery too which will go absolutely perfect with that set of eyes.

This is not very complicated and technique look, you just need to start with moisturizer and primer and then you need to use concealer and under eye cream if you want or you feel that you have dark circles or something that you need to hide and then allow it to be absorbed by the skin.

Now you need to apply Kajal as base on the lid all over your eye lid and rub it with your finger but you need to avoid applying that on the inner corner and now when you are done with that, add some lose golden powder over your eye lid and you need to use lose brush for that and then you need to take Golden Eyeliner and apply it all over the lid to get the shimmery look.

Golden Black Eye Makeup Tutorial

Now you need to take Gold Glitter and apply that over the liner and rub it a bit, now you will not only rub all of the shades and all of the texture, but you will blend the look from your mid half of the lid to outré corner, try not to exceed the eye lid, you don’t want to get a dramatic look and now you take Brown eye shadow and apply that over the both inner corners both and you need to spread the shade evenly.

Golden Black Eye Makeup

Take some consoler and apply over the edge of the eye to get a finished look and then take a perfect white pencil and apply that over the cheek bones and over the eye brow bone and rub them well and this will not only enhance the eyes, but will enhance the cheek bone too finish your look with mascara and liner.

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