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Global Developmental Delay

global-developmental-delayGlobal Developmental Delay –  The development of the baby gets to be continuing as he grows. The development phases remain start according to nature’s specific time period but if we compare with the normal growth rates and examine the growth charts it will tell us about any delay in development or accuracy in development. The delayed growth and the delayed development are may be in one area or more then one area, if we divide the child development in four categories as physical development. Mental development, emotional or psychological development and the social development, then it will be convenient to find out where the problem is with the growth.

As the child grows his receptors and the motor nerves start to develop gradually and he respond to different situations and  shows normal body functioning as crawling, sitting, talking, at there proper times. As we come to know that the child with normal development start to walk in between the 15 months after birth but if it shows delay then this it shows that he has week motor skills. Similarly if does not speak little words as “mama’, dada” etc in between 1 to 24 months then he has delay in language development. In the same way the child might shows the delay in  social and behavioral skills. He shows the week interactions with others and also it shows the slow development in fine and gross motor skills.

So all it needs the care full and constant observation of child attitude and his growth. But it is   the fact that the first three years of his development are the crucial in his life in all respects.


  • There are the varieties of reasons of delayed development of the child:
  • Poor physical condition of maternal health.
  • Blanching in nutrition of both child and mother.
  • Great mental stress of expecting mother.
  • Certain diseases which retard the growth of infant. Such as downs syndrome or may be due to some serious accident.
  • Use of some medicines during pregnancy which causes the delay in   growth or to inhibit the rate of growth.
  • There might be certain environmental factors which cause the growth to be delayed.
  • If there is delay in language development it may be due to some defect in larynx, throat, and vocal system.

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