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Glittery Eye Make Up

glittery eye make upGlittery Eye Make Up To have the sparkling look is really a demand of many occasions as at wedding eve, dancing party, at the college golden night. At these occasions you have to do the glittery make up to add sparkling beauty in your looks and to pop your eyes. So it is important to do in right way so that the feature stands out without over do.

The following tips are followed:

  1. Make the area of the eye clean first by grooming your eye brow. Shape up in the right way so that it accentuates the eye makeup.
  2. Apply the foundation at the lid so that the eye shadows and the glittery make up to be used will stick with the surface, the foundation to be used in the shed that will match with the skin tone. It is better for the glittery make up to use the creamy foundation with shiny base.
  3. Apply the nude shadow with glittery touch under the brow line or at the brow bone. It will open up your eyes and brighten the frame of eyes. It works well when you have small eyes and change your subtle look.
  4. Use the black glittery eye shadow as the glittery eye liner around your eyes.
  5. For the application of the shades take the angular brush and neat it by keeping it under heath the water. Squeeze the brush to define the tip or the edge of the brush. And dip it in to the eye shadow. Now line around the eyes, If you want the
  6. Smokey glittering effect then not to wet the brush with the water, and line the eyes.
  7. Now use the glittery cream shadow at the brow bone and your lid to pop up the feature. The eye shadows use may match with the outfit but you may stick to nude with glittery touch to standout the sparkling appearance. Not to use the dark colors at the lid, just use it at the creases of the eyes and corners.

To enhance the glittery effect uses the lipstick with glittery touch.

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