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Glitter Eye Makeup Tutorial & Dramatic Eye Makeup

Glitter Eye MakeupGlitter Eye Makeup, I love glitter specially since I bought a big 7 glitter pot kit, the main reason behind this purchase was the price, I never use the lose glitter and I thought it would be nice to give it a try in just $12 for 7 shades and the pots were pretty reasonable and I thought to give it a try, and I tried silver one with my gray smoky look and it went absolutely magical and I rushed back to the store to get the another one and guess what? They increased the price from 12 to 24L it was a promotional price and I bought on the very last date, I bought it anyway.

Glitter Eye Makeup

Glitter Eye Makeup Tutorial

We will today we are going to work on a very simple look and as I told you that you can wear it during simple regular day to day life too so I normally pick Monday for this kind of bold look cause I don’t want to go on work on Mondays  and when I wear such a beautiful look, I love to show off this so I go to work happily;) and another reason is  I miss my real celebrity makeup on Mondays so I try something stylish and extra on Monday and I love to put fun on work so I love to look good on Mondays;) so are you ready to rock your Mondays.

Glitter Eye Makeup Tutorial & Dramatic Eye Makeup

We are creating a whole look, to compliment the eyes and we will start with the base, I personally like to try a slightly bright look but not too much covering which will make the whole look too heavy, so I am going to start with a light BB Cream and I am adding some bight lose highlighter in it and apply all over the face, it will not make an artificial look or finish, but it will give you a very cute brightness in your skin which will make you look pretty awake and fresh, and then finish the look with  super transparent lose powder to set the look.

How to Do Glitter Eye Makeup

Now we will come to eyes, first of all we will take lighter then skin tone foundation or concealer and apply all over the lid and some under the eyes too and blend well, now we will take light yellow dust gold shade and apply all over the lid as base shade and start from the lash line to blend it till brow line and blend well and you can apply the same shade under lower lash line too and blend supper well till it look natural.

Dramatic Eye Makeup

Now take maroon brown giant eye pencil and apply a long and thick line right over the crease, and now take light mat maroon shade with small eye shade brush and fed this line and blend over the crease, try to keep the lid clean and smooth, don’t add shade over lid we are keeping it clean for liner and shimmer, now take some light peach maroon shade and apply over the crease and let it go over the crease about the brow bone, now we will take a pure black gel liner, the darkest and the richest one you have and apply a cat eye cover your lash line and start from your tear duct point and then let it extend in a dramatic wing, now apply on lower 1/3 too which meat the upper wing too, now let it get dry and mean while take white liner and line your water line and now we will take lose shimmer and we will spray the brush with makeup set products  and apply golden copper shimmer right in between shades and liner and fill it with rich pigment and finish the look with mascara.

Glitter Eye Makeup Ideas

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