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Glamorous Glitter Eye Makeup For NYE

Glamorous Glitter Eye Makeup For NYEToday’s glittery look is going to be the look for NYE and my inspiration for the occasion was none other than a literal disco ball, I love them, they look so pleasant and impact on your mood and on your feelings and with that I am using a bit smokiness too , so are you ready to apply that beautiful look, if you have steady hands then you will be able to apply that within 10-20 minutes, cause you need to pay attention on your base and on your blending a lot, more than we do with smoky look, so are you ready galls.

Glamorous Glitter Eye Makeup For NYE-02

First of all you need to apply your base, as I told you that the inspiration of the look is disco balls and for that I will recommend you to apply a mate and a bit pale foundation or concealer and then blend well, then you need to apply some very light blush on your cheeks, but not too much, slightly natural look would be perfect for your cheeks and now we will start with the eyes.

Glamorous Glitter Eye Makeup For NYE-05

We will start with the eye base all over the lid and as you can see that I picked slightly pink shiny base and then rub it all over the lid, till eye brow bone, then we will take light brown creamy liner and draw an half moon shape line slightly over the crease, very slightly and that will give the illusion of a larger lid and the brighter eye too, and then use the same liner to apply on the lower lash line and extend the wing a bit too.

Glamorous Glitter Eye Makeup For NYE-04

Now you need to pick a small crease brush and take light Chocó eye shadow and start blending the liner upward to create the crease, you need to make sure you blend up word and blend the products well, you need to build up the shade over the outer corner of your eyes and then blend well, but nothing below the line, we will use a small detailing brush to sharpen and darken the line with a bit darker shade, and keep blending to create the soft gradient look.

Glamorous Glitter Eye Makeup For NYE-03

Now we will take plain transparent highlighter or you can use Vanilla eye shadow to apply underneath the brow and bring the color too, you need to enhance the sharpness of your eye borrow, don’t forget to groom it well too.

Glamorous Glitter Eye Makeup For NYE-01

Now take a Sun kissed shadow with flat brush and apply on the blank lid and blend horizontal, don’t disturb the upper crease and then add slightly shiny Pearl shadow and apply on the inner corner of your eye and some on the lower lash line to enhance the glow of your eye and now we will take glitter adhesive and apply on the on top of Sun kissed and then take some Gold glitter and tab apply on the inner half and then dust out the excessive glitter, then you will get two glitter shades in the center of the lid to blend the transitions, but you need to pick the same color for the shades and then apply a very thin line over the lid and apply over the wing too and then apply a thin line under the lower lash line too and finish the look with mascara.

Glamorous Glitter Eye Makeup For NYE-

I am using beautiful Motives for La La Mineral Lip Shine in Passion for my lips and trust me, you will look gorgeous with magically fascinating touch too.

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