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Glamorize Glitter Eyes Makeup

Year is almost finished and we are almost at the corner of prom nights in most of the schools and institutes, and  I was looking something great in this regard, but then I saw something very cute, I was a girl with beautiful  glittery eye look and I was so inspired and I was as inspired that I am going to talk about that today for all of those who think that normal regular people cannot get that look perfectly, and only celebrities look good with that look or if they want to get that look then they need to go to big solons to get that perfectly done.

Glitter is all time famous and we never get tired of it too, you just need to be really good with applying it and you would be absolutely fine with that look, there are so many colors and so many styles that you can use to enhance the skin and beautiful eyes and if you are one of those how love to color their hair then you can use the similar shade on your eyes to get the attention toward your hair too, There are so many amazing colors to choose from and so many texture, but here are some simple things that you need to keep in mind while you are using glitters on your eyes.

Glamorize Glitter Eyes Makeup

First thing that you need to keep in mind is keep things smooth, you are using a very loud product and we all know that a small mistake would make you look a fashion disaster and if you don’t want that then you need to keep things very smooth, if you are using glitter to enhance your hair shade then keep things smooth, use powder shades of that shade and then add some matching glitters to get beautiful impression.

If you are getting a crazy look then draw some outlines, you can use black eye pencil for that and then fill the lines with glitter, but then use a smooth shade of glitter and it would look so cute on your eyes.

How to Do Glitter Eye Makeup

If you are looking for some chick look then apply the best natural make up possible and use glitter as a liner, but apply over the lashed or you can draw line in between lash and liner which will create a very strong look.

You can try some smoky eye technique with that too, the only thing you need to keep it in mind is don’t use multi colors of glitter to create the smoky eyes unless you are looking a crazy look.

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