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Giving Birth Facts

To give birth to a child is the most wonder full experience of the world and after marriage it is the great wish of the couple to become parents. Though it is the most interesting phenomena of the nature but it is not as calm and easy as to be seen and thought that all things are to be happening naturally. There are certain true facts about giving birth.

These are as fellows;

  • Preparation for the child birth is the fact. Every delivery is unique within itself. The experience you gain is different to the others. And if you have many children then again the experience will be different in each time.
  • It is clear fact that the time of birth might not be as accurate as your ultrasounds and your gynecologist told you. It might have some fluctuation between the telling time and the birth time. The fluctuation may be between hours to two weeks above or less then the actual telling time.
  • It is also well known fact that how the child take the birth  either by normal delivery or by  caesarian, some times the whole scenario changed from the expecting conditions and you should be mentally prepare for each one method of delivery.
  • Before the child birth there is the rupture of amniotic membranes and mucus or watery discharge come out which is irritating and the indication of delivery. So be prepared for such.
  • It is also the fact that there is bleeding more or less for six weeks after the birth and necessary pads should be kept for handling such bleeding
  • There is the rupture of vaginal membrane and it may be due the contractions taking place during child delivery so time required for the healing process and for normal condition to be attained after 2 to 3 weeks.
  • The sexual desire in male increased due to the gap or due to careful and limited  process of intercourse but in female due to suffering and hormonal changes it might be comparatively less so it is the fact that you may not do sex now as might do before for some time due to the mom “health.

These are the facts to be kept in mind with all the excitement of child birth.


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