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Get Good Looking Feet

It’s very common that we neglect your feet which is a very bad habit and that result in yellow, chipped, and thick toenails and dry and peeling skin and painful hells and if you are looking for some simple tips to look after your feet then here are some simple steps to get beautiful feet.

First of all you need to clean your feet, wash then with any foot brush and any shampoo that is either designed for feet or for dry and damaged hair and that will work for your feet too, you can use some net fabric for that too, now you need to get some pure petroleum jelly or Vaseline and apply a thick layer over your feet, specially over and in your toenails and leave it alone of some time and it is good if you are in somewhere worm and then stat massaging your foot with the same petroleum jelly or Vaseline and make sure that it is fully absorbed and then soak your food in worm water.

Get Good Looking Feet

Now you need to get a tub with worm water which has lime juice, shampoo and some mustard oil in it, if you feel that you have painful feet then you can add some fresh rosemary and some lavender oil in it too and stay there for at least 30 minutes and then rub your feet with some thick cotton towel and rub off all the dirt you feel in your nails and heels.

You can use foot file or a chunk of pumice stone to get rid of all the hard, dry, or chapped skin of your feet, use fine toenail brush to clean your nails and fine lines under your feet, you can use some foot scrubber and foot mask too for the same purpose, or you can try to use sugar and lime juice scrubber too and you can let it on for couple of minutes too as a mask.

How to Get Better Looking Feet

Now you need to massage your feet and you don’t need to buy expensive products you can try Olive oil, yogurt, warm milk, or lemon juice for that purpose too, now wash your feet with warm water and best is if you wear some soaks for the time being.

Use a mixture of glycerin+ lime +rosewater as a night cream and use it every day, if you have cracked heels then add one table spoon of alum powder in it and get paraffin bath once in a week for best body possible.

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