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Get Beautiful Eye Lashes

There are lots of ways that you can use to get thick, long and dark lashes even if you were not born with them, there are lots of cosmetics, medicines, food supplements and there are lots of tools that you can use to get longer eye lash and then you can use curler, mascara, false lashes, and products to give you natural longer thicker lashes even more longer looking illusion, but if they are not original then you cannot get the image of long lashes and you cannot get the impression that they are original when you use the fake one, you cannot carry all of your tools and your things with you all the time which means, if you really want to look good and want to have beautiful  lashes then here we are with some helping tips for you and your eye lashes.

First thing that you can start your day with is a stroke of vitamin E, just take an old mascara and wash it off with worm water and then pour pure  vitamin E in it and use the brush to apply  vitamin  on your eye lashes and lie down for a while, you need to apply as closer as you can and try your level best to apply in the roots of your lashes, and then lie down on your back for 10 minutes and then wipe the excessive oil off with tissue, but don’t wash your face with water or soap, let it make your lashes stronger and healthy.

Get Beautiful Eye Lashes

Then during a day, take half of cup of worm butter milk and soak a cotton bud in it and place it over your both eyes for 1 minutes and then dip it in the milk one more time and then place on your eyes, keep doing that till you see that whole milk is either on your face and then massage your face with smooth hands for at least 10 minutes with your eyes are closed and then wash off your face and your eyes with running water.

How to Get Beautiful Eyelashes

Just before you ready to go to bed take few drops of olive oil or almond oil and start massaging your eyes and your lashes with that and you need to rub it from outer corner to inner corner and then go all the way up in the eye brow and that would create a circle around your eyes and keep massaging for 10 minutes with very soft and genital hands and then wipe it off with wipes and then apply castor oil on your lashes and go to sleep, within a month you would see a magical transformation in your lashes and in the texture  of the skin around your eyes too and if you keep doing that you would be able to ditch the fine lines and wrinkles too.

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