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Games For Your Baby, Playtime with your baby

Babies are the most lovely and cute gift of God. They are more fragile to handle. it is difficult I you have more than one baby and you have to look after s well as to educate them for their future character build, as a mother or as in day care centre or at any other status when you have to look after babies when they are too small cant express their feelings in words only by their body gestures are the way of their expressions you need continuous keep of eye on them. It is easy if you have a single baby but difficult with more then one baby.

So there is need of such activity for baby that is healthy, safe and help in their learning process. So purpose variety of games has been developed for them. The baby games for baby are selected by keeping in mind the following points in mind:

The age of the baby;

  1. Your objective what to learn the baby by the game.
  2. The interest of baby.
  3. The gender of the baby.
  4. The motive of the game will helps you to select the game for your baby easily.


  • The games selected for your baby should be such that it will enhance in their personality development in all ways as social, individual, physical and of emotional or psychological aspects groomed positively.
  • The game selected should be such that not to be harmful in its touch easily handled by the baby itself.


  • There is lot of games available for the baby as toys, cards, mobile games, board games and computer games are also available.
  • As your bay is from 3 to 5 months the best games for them are mobile toys and toys with different voices and colors attract the baby.
  • From5 to 8 month the baby enjoy the process of crawling and walking  so then the baby requires the games by which the can move and now they are curious for each thing so the games used are of  moving toys .
  • At the age of one year the baby become such that her orhis motor nerves to be used much. Now the games used are different puzzles and ad cards to be assembled to give some shape. But again the material of game should not be so small to be chewed or if taken in mouth is harm full to them.
  • So after this age of the baby when he utter the words and can speak now more and more such games should be given to the babies which enhance either physical growth  such as running and other outdoor physical exercises.

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