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French Country Decor for Kid Bedroom

French Country Decor for Kid BedroomThe French country decoration is a great room décor style for adults’ as well as kids’ room. It is your creativity that makes or breaks the décor when it comes to decorate a child’s room. A kids’ room meant to be full of fun and enjoyment and should be equally comfortable and chic too. If your kids’ love to have an interesting ambience around, French country décor is arguably the perfect choice. However, while creating a French country décor a few elements should be given enough consideration. Those may include fabric, furniture and the color scheme. Color scheme is the first thing to concern.


Use light colors in your kids’ room as dark colors are not great option for a kids’ space. You can choose to use off white or vintage white as the prime accent. It can effectively create the illusion of space and is great if your kid’s room is small. Pop up the room style by installing elegant white furniture with silver accent. Add accessories in yellow, blue, pink or green tones, ensuring that the color is going well with the background of your wall. If you want, you can also use different shades of color. One thing to remember while using different colors is that it shouldn’t look busy and overdone.

Furniture Style

Next item of concern is furniture. Before picking the furniture for a French country style room, you need to know the features it must have. Find out the furniture pieces that have complex and ornate details. The design of the details can be painted and carved. If you afford, get a new bed in the room with decorative headboard and footboard. You may also incorporate an armoire having storage space. Also add a reading chair with and a reading table if your kid is supposed to study in his/her bedroom.


If you want to make the furniture feel new, consider reupholstering it. For a French country décor, airy and light fabrics are ideal such as cotton and linen. Bed linens and curtains as well could be of the same fabric as the upholsteries.

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