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Foundation Tips to Cover Your Freckles

Foundation Tips to Cover Your Freckles ; It is not an easier task to hide the freckles under makeup. Lone foundation can’t camouflage those unappealing freckles accurately; to create a perfect finish with foundation you also need to use a quality makeup primer and other concealing products. Here are some tips to cover up freckles with foundation.

Cover Your FrecklesFoundation Tips to Cover Your Freckles

Start With Concealer

The first and foremost step towards masking up the freckles is to start with concealer. Dab the product allover the problem area with a sponge applicator or your ring finger and blend it well for a smoother finish. It will make your freckles less prominent. The shade of concealer ought to be lighter than your foundation shade.

Pick Right FoundationPick Right Foundation

When it comes to get a foundation to cover up freckles accurately, you have to make it sure that the shade of foundation you pick completely matches your skin tone. Apply and blend the foundation to your face. It will lighten the darker freckles while enhancing and balancing out your skin tone.

Powder UpPowder Up

After you’re done with the concealer and foundation, move on to next step which is powder application. Powder not only sets your makeup but also help concealing any skin imperfections. Always try to use a translucent powder or one that matches your coloring.

Add BlusherAdd Blusher

Last step towards diminishing the appearance of your freckles with foundation is to pump up your blush! Coloring you cheeks a bit can make a huge difference in how you look. It accentuates your eyes while keeping the overall look quite natural. The key is to use a blusher shade that goes well with your complexion.

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