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Foods For The Bride To Be

If you are getting marries and when you are trying to lose some weight and some pounds then the best way is healthy eating rather than starving yourself. If you think that you want to look good then it is natural, but if you think that your nervousness is making you eat horrible food then here are a list that you can eat while you are on diet, these are good for your health, skin and your body too, and at the same time they will handle your street too.

Before starting this list let metabolism guide you few things, you can eat these food but it is probably the best if you eat lots of green and lots of lots of fresh fruits, drink lots of water and if you can mange then run for 45 minutes twice a day and try to avoid all kind of junk food, these are not good for you and it is not good for your appearance, if you are trying to look good on your big day then try to avoid excessive sun exposure, rood and harsh products, cosmetics and if you are getting married in on month or few weeks then stop using any kind of cosmetic and the best is if you need moisturizer then use some essential oil or other natural home remedies rather than beauty products.

Foods For The Bride To Be

Here is the list of safe food for you when you are planning to get married in near future.

Low Fat Yogurt:-Low fat yogurt is a very nice and if you like freezing food like ice cream and slush then this is the best option for you, that is not only healthy for you, but it can make you look glowing and beautiful naturally, but it can make you calm down too , if you like low fat yogurt then you can eat low fat yogurt with some fruits like watermelon, bananas, strawberries, kiwis, etc, these are good and healthy and this will provide you healthy minerals too.

Low Fat Milk Shakes: – low fat milkshake can be the best substitute of junk snakes like pastries and cookies, you can pick a healthy milkshake for that like with healthy fruits with hone and green tab milk, but the best is if you make that at home by yourself and see all the ingredient that you are adding and make sure you are not adding any kind of bad think in it, you are not doing this for anyone else, you are doing this for yourself so be honest and be healthy, don’t drink calories, rather than drink healthy minerals and vitamins, you can replace milk with yogurt too. I am talking about yummy smoothie.

Whole Wheat Pastas: If you are eating healthy food then you can eat whatever you want, but you need to keep an eye on healthy ingredients, you can eat pasta, but make sure you are using healthy options and you are using healthy cheese like tofu, cottage cheese and other low fat cheese and you can add baby spinach in it or other raw vegetable and if you are missing your meat then try to add some healthy option like try some seafood, salmon Oysterage, these are good for your health and look.

Home Made Pies: if you have sweet tooth and you cannot avoid pies at any cost then try to eat one that is home made which is the healthier and the safest pie possible, when you cook something at home you exactly what is in it and if it is healthy for you or not, you can add less sugar or substitute it with some healthy sweet fruits like apple, strawberries and something that will less harmful for your looks.
Salads & Fruits, if you have a horrible habit of munching then try to fulfill this habit with salad, take some fresh salad with you when you are out rather than eating candies or cookies, you can eat all kind of salad as long as it is uncooked and healthy eat as much as healthy fruits and salad you can and enjoy happy days.

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