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Foods for Migraine Headache

Foods for Migraine HeadacheIf you are one of those in intelligent people who are surfing from migraine headache just because they are intelligent then I know your pain, I know few people very closely who are suffering with that pain for ages and they are ready to do anything that can help this pain and I am here with some help…. Here are some food ideas that you should avoid for your migraine headache .Foods for Migraine Headache1

Dairy Products: – Protein of milk creates histamines which produce mucus and the excessive production of mucus develops strange kind of pressure on brain which can trigger migraine.
Food rich in carbohydrates make a horrible and painful combination with migraine headaches and if you are one of those who way you avoid it they you should avoid these foods.
Alcohol can be a worst reason to get a horrible migraine pain, sometime when we drink alcohol and we get these hirable pain we consider it as a hangover, but in real it is alcohol that invites migraine.Foods for Migraine Headache2

Caffeine:- sometime we feel if we are having some migraines symptoms then drinking a cup of tea or coffee might help, but it never does, and the reason is caffeine, which is a double-edged weapon for you it might be good sometime, but sometime it can be horrible for your migraine too.Foods for Migraine Headache3

Chocolate:- well I don’t know about all of you, but I personally thing that whenever you eat chocolate you should be ready for horrible attach of migraine, and the reason is again caffeine, sweetness , theobromine, and phenylethylamine.

Now at the end I just want you to tell one thing, I know that what migraine feels like and I know how painful and how horrible it is, but if you live a simple and healthy lifestyle you actually can deal with it in real for good.

Don’t think too much, don’t let your brain think too much and if you have any tension then try to divert your attention.

Love yourself and enjoy this life.

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