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First Trimester Symptoms

First Trimester SymptomsEvery one want to know about First Trimester Symptoms :- When the ovum becomes fertilized, a sequence of events called pregnancy, Takes place and the fertilized ovum eventually develops in to full-term fetus.

First 14 weeks of pregnancy are called First trimester, During the first trimester following events takes place:

Ovulation occurs:

Ovum is released from the ovary.

Conception occurs:

Uterus will increase its capacity.

Gender is determined:

Immediately upon fertilization fetus is set to determine its sex. Sperm carrying either an “X” (girl) chromosome or a “Y” (boy) chromosome combines with the ovum.


Implantation usually occurs on about the fifth to seventh day after ovulation. Once implantation has taken place, the torphoblast cells and the other surrounding cells proliferate rapidly, forming a placenta and various membranes of pregnancy.

Neural tube forms:

In this step development of the fetus nervous system takes place.

Nutrition During The First Trimester

Healthy and Nutritious Food is must during all the trimesters but the first 3 months is crucial in order to continue with the next few more months.

Have less Caffeine Products: It can be better to have green white or herbal tea instead of having black tea or coffee which is not good when pregnant that can make one sick.

Morning Sickness Prevention:  Having well nourished and especially liquids like tea with hot water and ginger or soups those made of chicken which can give proteins is also good to handle morning sickness

Drinking Water:  Enough water needs to be taken even to get rid of morning sickness or to keep away from dehydration like headache, dizziness, weakness, dry urine.

Folic Acid: In addition to eating food items that are rich in folic acid there is also necessary to have few folic acid prescribed medicines during early stages so that this can be a healthy supplement to baby’s development of brain.

Protein Rich Food: Proteins need to be supplied adequately to both mother and child. These can be found in milk, meat, egg, fish and other dairy products. These proteins have amino acids that are building blocks for the body. Nuts, Beans and meat can also be taken.

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