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First trimester pregnancy symptoms

Some information about first trimester pregnancy symptoms, In the first trimester the fact are largely oblivious and woman still except baby. The first sign of your pregnancy is that you will experience miss period as compare to your regular month.

There are also many other changes occurred in your body that arises with the passage of every week or month. In this stage your emotional feeling increased to joy. Most of the pregnant woman reported that at early stage of pregnancy their breast tender and they feel larger and heavier. Some woman expressed that at eight week the color of skin change. This is sign of healthy pregnancy in first trimester pregnancy symptoms.

Vomiting and sickness is one of the common sign reported and it is usually termed as morning sickness. This can be any time in day at night. At the early stage some woman vomit periodically and most of fell just queasy. Dizziness and fatigue is also sign of early pregnancy. These are normal condition but required special care at this stage and women should take rest as much they can.

First Trimester Pregnancy Symptoms :-

It is noticed that at this stage pregnant women required different blood test in which their HP is measured and advised further for iron diets. At the twelve week of pregnancy ultrasound test suggested to clear the direction, expected date and heart beat of baby.

At this stage it is advised that if women feel any pain or spotting, immediately consult their doctor for further medication. It is important to take folic acid. Apparently there are less changes appear outside the body but there are many changes occurred inside the body so be careful at this early stage.

Pregnancy symptoms in the first trimester

  1. Lower abdominal cramps

  2. Lower abdominal cramps

  3. Food cravings

  4. Morning sickness

  5. Breast changes

  6. Constipation

  7. Increased urination

  8. Nose bleeds and bleeding gums

  9. Pimples

  10. Chloasma, or the Mask of Pregnancy

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So don’t wait and go for more information to your doctor also.

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