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Find Your Skin Undertones: Warm, Cool or Neutral

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How to choose a hair color for your skin tone

Knowing skin undertone makes it easy for you to opt for right makeup shades for face, eyes and hair. There are many ways to find out the skin undertones however most commonly used ways are as follows:

Wrist Test: Get exposed to natural lighting and try to look shades inside of your wrist. If you find blue tint at that area, it means you are perhaps cool toned. If you notice the presence of greenish tint, it indicates that you are probably a warm toned gal. However, having both blue as well as green undertones indicates that you’re most likely a neutral.

Jewelry Test: If you feel gold jewelry complements you in a much better way than the silver jewelry, you are likely a warm toned person. If you believe you look best in silver jewelry, your tone is probably cool. However, both silver and gold ornaments make you look equally beautiful, you’re likely a neutral.

White vs. Ivory Test: Most women know which shade gives them a best look, either bright white or ivory. If you feel you look more vivacious in bright white color, you could be a cool. However, if off-white or ivory gives you more vibrant look it indicates that you are a warm toned person.

Tips for Cool Skin Undertone: Colors such as pink, fuchsia, blue, violet, turquoise and bright white best complement the cool skin undertones. Shades like mauve, tulip or burgundy are the best lipstick shades for cools while blues or lavenders are the best options for eyes. For hair, pick ash blonde, champagne or light brown.

Tips for Warm Skin Undertone: Colors like yellow, red, ivory, green or orange are best option for warms. When it comes of makeup colors, pick putty, apricot or redwood for lips, apricot, plum or bamboo for eyes and warm colors such as gold blonde or gold brown for hair.

Tips for Neutral Skin Undertone: Neutral skin undertone is best complemented by the pink, rose blush and lipstick shades and gray or brown eye makeup shades.

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