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Fiber-Rich Sack For Kids

Fiber-Rich Sack For KidsWe know that kids love eating bad things, they like junk food, rubbish cookies and biscuits, they life soda drinks and they eat all kind of bad candies and sweats and if you think that your kid need to eat healthy food then you need to put some effects and here are some helping tips for you to make them heat healthy food.

Homemade Trail Mix:– I don’t think that anyone can say that they don’t like trail mix and if you help your kid making their very own trail mix then they would love to eat it and make them so you just need to boil row oats and then put them in a bowl and place few things with that bowl like some fresh fruits that can go with this cereal, like strawberries, cherries, banana, and other nuts and you can add some chocolate crackers, some beans and some m&ms too, but make sure that you have added milk and some honey in that bowl already so they just need to make their own version of trail mix and eat the best fiber possible.

Fruits and Veggies, at least 5 times a week you can give them healthy fruits and vegetables as a snack between lunch and dinner and make sure that they eat their vegetables too, an you can pick some healthy options too, like cucumber, tomatoes, apple, cherries and all kind of barriers, you can provide them all kind o healthy fruits and healthy vegetables, but the best is if you read our blog for fruits for kids and provide them the right amount of vitamins and minerals.

Creamy Dips: – it is really necessary that they eat their vegetables and their fruits and if you know how to make them than it is good, but if you cannot then the best way to make them healthy snakes is provide them the healthy dips, it is okay if they want ketchups, they eat honey or mustard sauce with their snakes, but if you mix boiled chicken with mayonnaise or if you mix honey with fresh cream then I bet they would love that and if you think that they don’t like it either then ask them what they want to eat with these snakes, it is ok if they eat a bit rubbish with these healthy snakes.

Mixed Cereals Cookies:- if you think that they are not eating healthy cereals then you can make cookies with these cereals, you just need to add 500mg butter , 500mg brown sugar, some dry or fresh fruits and some healthy nuts and one table spoon baking powder with 500 gm of mixed cereals and mix them with hands you don’t need to use beater for that and make a chunky style cookies with this material and you will see that they would love to eat these cookies.

At the end I would like to share some very simple tips with you, if you want to make them eat something healthy then you need to put some efforts, you should make things look yum and taste yummy and they will eat their food and provide them all kind of foods and a healthy balanced diet.

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