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Fairytale Eye Makeup Tutorial

Today I am going to try something very cute and something very sweet for all of those who love their dolls and who use to admire the perfect eyes of fairies and dolls they had while they were kids, if they can look that much good then why cannot, it is very beautiful  look for woman with light skin shade since I am using a very radiant pink color, but if you have wheat complexion then you can try the technique with the shade you like, so are you ready for this cute crazy look? We are going to use shimmery rust, matte Pink,semi-matte Purple, gold based shimmery white, shimmery Gold platter for this look and we are going to create a very dramatic look with bright pick shade.

Wash your face and apply moisturizer and primer all over your face and then apply foundation or concealer and blend it perfectly to create the smooth base and then we are ready to start for our eye makeup, we will apply the prime or apply concealer on your eye lid and then some simple lose powder to keep your eye shadows stay last longer and then I will take flat synthetic brush and use spritz to make the brush just moist, a bit, but not drippy wet and picked up rust color with it and apply over the inner half of my eyelid and at the same time we will make a smooth liner along the lower lash line, if you don’t want to use spritz then you can use water too and it would create the perfect texture too, now you need to take matte pink shade and apply it all over the outer upper lid and blend the colors well  and now you need to take the pink on the dry brush and apply over the rust and blend it well.

Eye Makeup Tutorial For Brown Eyes

Now you need to take a hint of the rust color and apply it all over your eye brow bone and then add a light gold and then apply over your bone as a highlight and blend it with your finger from one corner to another and then on the entire lower lash line too, but don’t make a thick line, you have to use the thinnest brush possible and draw a thinnest line possible, but not too close to your eye lash.

Fairytale Eye Makeup Tutorial

Now you need to take black liquid liner and apply a line much thinner than the gold over your eye lied, it would look like we have two liners side by side, one is gold and one is black, and then rub some concealer at the end cause we need to get a edgy look and fish the look with mascara, you can either use light brown or you can even use natural golden or silver mascara too which would add shine in your eyes.

Apply baby pink or rose pink lipstick with this look or you can use silver pink transparent lip gloss too.

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