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Facial Wart Removal

Face Wart Removal Treatment TipsWarts are skin elevations, sometimes hardened, sometimes softer, in both cases causes irritation to the person who is having the problem, so wants to be removed as quick as can. There are many home treatments of facial wart removal. Some are given below.






Facial Wart Removal

Here are Some Things Facial Wart Removal


Castor oil is very use full in warts. It is applied on the effected part generously every night, leave it over night to function properly, it will be used for several months.

Castor Oil Facial Wart Removal


The fresh juice extracted from ripened barley fruits and applied on warts. it is applied for two weeks give good results.

Figs For Wart Removal


Potatoes are applied on warts in three forms.Thin slices are cut and rubbed on warts several times a day.They may be mashed and the pulp is pasted on wart, it is covered by a bandage or leave naked, if juice of potatoes after extraction may be applied on warts. In all forms it is good to remove the facial wart removal.

Potatoes For Wart Removal


It is the best home remedy if the warts on arms or feet but bit irritable on the sensitive skin of face. Simple juice or pulp may be applied and allowed to dry not washed by water but naturally to be dried and removed.

Face Wart Removal For Onions


The herb is useful for warts .The powder is of bulb is applied on the skin and give good results.

Herbal Remedies For Face Wart Removal


This is very effective home remedy for warts, it is used repeatedly to act properly, and the milk of the cut end of herb is applied on the warts.

Dandelion Natural Treatment For Warts


It is again an effective remedy for warts, the juice from leaves or sap from stem is used, .the leaves are soaked in water and then blend in this water and paste is applied on warts.

Marigold Oil Treatment For Warts


It is also effective in face warts. But before its application clean the portion with cotton swab and then dip another swab in juice and applied on it.

How to Get Rid of Warts Using Apple Cider Vinegar


It is also used to remove the warts; in it the transparent or lighter color polish is used. As other skin, the facial wart removal also require oxygen for their health and growth. By applying nail polish the supply of oxygen is cut down and they shrink and wither with the passage of time. But it takes too long to remove them.

Nail Polish Treatment For Plantar Warts

Every above mentioned treatment is efficient after examining the compatibility to skin and diagnosing the cause of warts.

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