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Facial Skin Care Product

Facial Skin Care ProductRose water or hydrosol is a natural gift of God which has multiple benefits for facial skin. It is available in market in all sizes of bottles and affordable to all.

It is made in home by simply putting the rose petals in a jar. The jar is placed in sun shine for some days by adding some distilled water in it, after few days it will give a mild fragrant liquid which is stained in other jar. It is a natural skin toner with pleasant smell and relaxing effects. No doubt it enhances the beauty with its radiant effects. Now let move to its effects on skin.

Act as a cleanser:

Rose water act as a very good cleanser due to its humble nature.It removes pimples. Wrinkles fine lines and any skin inflammation. we can make skin cleanser at home.

  • One cup of roe water, few drops of rose oil and2 tbs of glycerin. Its a best cleanser for face skin.
  • You can simply take 2-3 drops of rose water and by a cotton swab wash your face with it three times a day; it will remove the dirt particles from skin.

Skin toner:

It act as best skin toner and used to tighten the pores of the skin. As skin toner we can prepare the following lotion.

  • Take ¼ cup of rose water, 3/4 cup of hazel syrup, few drops of glycerin in a dark bottle and shake it well, in spite of its soothing effects it is used as refreshers of skin.

Rose water cream:

  • It is effectively used in normal to dry skin to remove wrinkles and inflammations of the skin for this purpose use any cream and add some rose water drops in to it. give fragrance as well as smoothness to skin.

Face mask:

  • It acts as a great mask. For this purpose take ½ cup of rose water. mulltani mitti and sandalwood mix these entire ingredients and make a mask of it to tighten the pores and for glow ness of skin.

Fenugreek and rose water:

  • Take a hand full of fenugreek seeds and add into it some water leave it for night, then make a paste o it after mashing add in to it 3 tabs of rose water. Wash your face with warm water to open the clogged pores and paste is applied on it. it is best cleanser,

Lemon juice and rose water:

  • Take  ½ cup of lemon juice and add in to it rose water in equal quantity  and applied on face for 10 minutes  it is the best acne removal remedy.

So rose water is an efficient skin care product gifted by God. Try to get benefits from it.

Facial Skin Care Product

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